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Bundle of 5 Manchego Cheese Gran Reserva “Best in the World” 8.8 oz/ea


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Pack of 5 delicious wedges of the only Spanish Cheese awarded as “The Best Cheese in the World.” Made with pure raw milk (not pasteurized) in a slow and artisan customized process. Packaged in the perfect size (8.8 ounces) to enjoy with friends or as a delightful gift. Get ready for your next dinner party!


  • 2012 World Champion Cheese among 2,700 of the finest cheeses in the world
  • Acclaimed by Ferrán Adriá, Martín Berasategui, David Muñoz
  • Manchego Protected Denomination of Origin
  • Gran Reserva Manchego cheese (cured for more than 9 months)
  • Made from raw milk (not pasteurized) exclusively from the farm’s cabin
  • Edible natural rind (no paraffin) brushed with Olive Oil
  • Artisan: handled at least 10 times by the artisans
  • Aroma: roast ingredients, dried fruit, walnut & hazelnut
  • Strong flavor full of hints with a long finish & firm texture

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