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Induction & Gas Premium 13″ Paella Pan | Serves 2-4.


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The "Pata Negra" of the paella pans! This high-quality, special thickness, polished steel paella pan is specially built for Induction and Glass-Ceramic kitchens, and you can also use it with traditional gas stoves, barbecues or any other open fire. Made in Valencia, Spain, home of the world-renowned paella dish. It's the highest quality paella-pan in the market. The best tools always yield the best results.


  • High-quality double thickness polished Steel.
  • Serves 2-4 people. You can always use it for 6 but the best paellas are thin.
  • Specially built for induction and glass ceramic Kitchens.
  • Also perfect for gas stoves, barbecues or any other open fire.
  • Made in Valencia, home of the world-renowned paella dish.
  • Highest quality in the market.
  • Perfect to make paellas in your kitchen without additional gadgets!
  • Check out “How to season your paella pan” and “How to take care of your paella pan“. 
  • Washing & Storing Tip: Before storing your paella pan, wash it thoroughly with abundant soap and water, rinse, dry, and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil with a paper towel. This will prevent rust.
  • Before using it for the first time: Fill the pan with water, boil for 5 min, remove the water, gently clean with abundant soap, rinse and dry.
  • Check the authentic Paella Valenciana Recipe


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