Premium Gift Boxes from Spain

Premium Seafood Lover Gift Box

Bonito del Norte Belly Tuna “Ventresca” fillets from Bermeo, Spain. 4 oz.

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Yurrita Premium Anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian Sea, Spain. 3.5 oz

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Premium Marinated White Anchovies "Boquerones en Vinagre" 3.5oz

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Hand made picos camperos in a wood fired oven. 6 bags. × 6

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Enjoy the highest quality seafood gift box in the USA! Wild-caught in the North coast of Spain these Ventresca, Anchovies, Boquerones and Mussels are the most delicious you've ever tried.


  • Authentic and Premium Seafood Lover Gift Box
  • The Finest & Most Delicate Premium Ventresca Tuna In Olive Oil
  • Premium Anchovy Fillets from Santoña, Spain (de-boned by hand 2 times)
  • Premium Marinated Mussels “Mejillones” from Galicia
  • Premium Marinated Anchovy fillets “Boquerones en Vinagre”
  • 6 bags of Crunchy Hand made Picos Camperos “Bread sticks” in a Wood Fired Oven

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