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6 Pack Gourmet Potato Chips | White Truffle | Salt & Vinegar | Ibiza Sea Salt.


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Enjoy this gourmet 6 pack of the most delicious chips from Ibiza, Spain. 3 different types of chips: White Truffle, Salt & Vinegar, and Flor de Sal. The pack includes 2 bags of White Truffle chips, 2 bags of Salt & Vinegar Chips, and 2 bags of Ibiza Sea Salt chips. 100% premium! Perfect for pairing with your favorite Spanish food, tapas, or as a delicious snack.


  • Travel to Ibiza with this unique bundle of gourmet potato chips!
  • Made with real sea salt flakes from the Island of Ibiza (Spain).
  • Packed in a premium and durable bag to maintain freshness.
  • Bright, crisp and full of flavor.
  • With the exact amount of salt.
  • Each bag is 45gr (1.6oz)
  • The finest chips you will ever try!

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