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Reserva Manchego Cheese with Rosemary. 8oz.



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Open a glass of red wine and savor this aromatic artisan cured sheep cheese from the small village of Sotuélamos in La Mancha, Spain. Pure tradition and artisan knowledge. Coated in fresh rosemary to add the finest Mediterranean flavor. This aromatic and top quality sheep cheese comes in a premium box that showcases the quality and image of the 8oz wedge.


  • Reserva Manchego sheep cheese (Cured for 6 to 9 months)
  • Coated in fresh Mediterranean rosemary and pork lard
  • Made from Sheep milk from La Mancha, Spain
  • 100% Artisan process
  • From a Spanish award-winning cheese producer
  • Perfectly balanced and aromatic
  • Hard cheese with a slightly creamy texture
  • Looks amazing when placed in a cheese platter
  • Beautiful box to showcase the cheese with the rosemary

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