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Award winning Majorero semi-cured goat cheese with Paprika. Small wheel 2.2lb.



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Enjoy the most awarded goat cheese in the world, including 2018 Award for “The Best Semi-cured Goat Cheese in the World” among 3000 cheeses from 20 countries. Made from Fuerteventura’s Majorera goat’s rich and aromatic milk and coated in Paprika. A true delicacy!.


  • The most awarded goat cheese in the world!
  • Made from 100% Majorera goat’s rich milk from Fuerteventura
  • Nutty, rich and buttery flavor (somehow comparable to Manchego cheese)
  • Certified Protected Designation of Origin
  • Aged for 2 months
  • Natural rind (no paraffin) coated in mild paprika
  • Texture: compact and creamy
  • Pairs with Honey from Azahar, Spain

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