Artisan Spanish Cheese

Trio of Delectable Spanish Cheeses with Truffle, Garlic and Paprika + 2 bags of Picos.


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Enjoy this amazing trio of award-winning sheep cheeses infused with real Truffle, Black Garlic and Paprika. Each wedge is 7 ounces and packed with delectable flavors. The pack includes 2 bags of Traditional Picos Camperos "small breadsticks" made using traditional methods in a wood fired oven. Each bag is 1 ounce. The Spanish Sheep Cheese comes in a premium box to preserve the integrity of the delicacies inside and it makes for a great gift for any cheese lover. Open your favorite wine and get ready to enjoy this high quality explosion of flavors.


  • Selection from award winning Spanish cheese producer.
  • Reserva sheep cheese (Cured for 6 to 9 months)
  • Made from sheep milk  and infused with real Truffle, Black Garlic and Paprika.
  • 100% Artisan product.
  • No Artificial Flavors! Real Black Truffle, Real Black Garlic, Real Paprika.
  • Strong and delectable flavors full of hints with a long finish & firm texture
  • Beautiful aromas to pair with a good red wine and some Picos Camperos
  • Includes 2 bags of Traditional Picos Camperos (Breadsitcks) in a wood fired oven. 1oz/bag
  • Beautiful box that can be reused and also makes a great gift!

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