Health & Nutrition Facts of Ibérico Ham.

Acorn-fed Ibérico ham (Jamón Ibérico de Bellota) is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean diet.

Acorn-fed Iberico ham is a delicacy with countless benefits. Besides being a treat for the palate, it is good for our health.

  • Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is a low-calorie, vitamin-rich food that contains 50% more protein than fresh meat. 50 grams of Acorn-fed Ibérico ham has only about 150 calories.
  • Iberian ham is an antioxidant and is high in vitamin E. When enjoyed with tomato its beneficial effects are doubled.
  • The quality of acorn-fed Iberian ham fat is excellent, like olive oil. It is over 50% Oleic Acid, which facilitates the production of HDL (“good”) cholesterol in the body, while reducing LDL (“bad cholesterol”).
  • Moderate consumption helps maintain adequate levels of cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • It offers a generous supply of B vitamins, especially B1 and B2 (just 100 grams of Iberian ham provide 24% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin).
  • It is rich in Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Calcium, but especially Phosphorus, providing 30% of the daily recommended intake.

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