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Award Winning Majorero Goat Cheese Toast With Black Fig Spread

3 min Prep. Time

As simple and good as it gets. This video will show you how to prepare a delicious tapa in less than 3 minutes. Watch and learn.


The most important ingredient for this Spanish tapa is a very special goat cheese. It’s an award winning Majorero goat cheese coated with paprika. It comes from the Majorero breed goats from the Canary Islands. It has a firm texture and deliciously earthy flavor. The paprika coat adds a very slight smoky hint to the mix.


The all natural black fig spread gives this tapa the sweetness contrast and adds great balance. You won’t believe how well they go together.


Finally as with any tapa, make sure to toast a good fresh baguette to add the crunchiness texture and support the whole bite.


Brought to you by Tapas Academy from Ibérico Club



How to prepare

  1. Cut some bite-size wedges of the award winning Majorero goat cheese with paprika.
  2. Open the jar of black fig fruit spread and put a small amount in each wedge.
  3. Toast a few slices of a white baguette and put the in the cheese plate. Enjoy!
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