Artichokes, Jamón Ibérico and Pine Nuts Tapa

10 min Prep. Time

Artichokes with jamón is a very typical dish in Spain. It’s normally prepared as a “revuelto” (scrambled eggs with artichoke and jamón).

This tapa is also a great way to enjoy the artichokes with jamón.

These are artichokes preserved in a glass jar with oregano and Italian herbs.

Make sure to use the best Jamón Ibérico de Bellota you can find (hint: Ibérico Club). Salud!


How to prepare

  1. Slice the white bread and toast it
  2. Add a piece of artichoke to each slice of toasted bread
  3. Add a slice of Jamón Ibérico de Bellota to each slice of toasted bread with artichoke
  4. Sautee the pine nuts in a pan
  5. Add the pine nuts to your tapa
  6. Enjoy
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