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Pan Tumaca With Jamon Pata Negra For A Crowd [Hack] 2006 Views

Time to prepare: 10 min Dificulty: Easy / Medium / Hard

Here’s a great video tip for your next dinner party. Pan tumaca is one of the most iconic ways to enjoy Jamón Ibérico in Spain. It’s basically toasted bread with rubbed tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


When you are preparing Pan Tumaca for a crowd instead of rubbing a tomato on a lot of toasts we have a great hack. Use a grater! It’s as simple as that. Cut the tomato in half and shred each half with the help of the grater. Then just add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some sea salt. Done and delicious!


TIP: If you have many people coming over, use the oven instead of the grill to toast the bread. Your can put two trays full of slices at once. Use very high temperature and short time (2-3 minutes).


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How to prepare

  • 1.
    Slice a good amount of white bread.
  • 2.
    Put the slices of bread in the grill or use the oven for more quantity. Toast until golden brown.
  • 3.
    Cut several tomatoes in half and use a grater to shred them in a bowl. Discard the remaining tomato peel.
  • 4.
    Add a generous amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • 5.
    Add a pinch of salt. Not too much since the jamón already has it.
  • 6.
    Using a spoon spread some of the shredded tomato in each slice of bread.
  • 7.
    Top with a few slices of the best Jamón 100% Ibérico de Bellota "Pata Negra"

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