Michelle Brady, SF.

“Did I just make this delicious paella at home? or am I in a restaurant in the coast of Spain! Totally delicious and so well thought. Expect more orders very soon!”

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Paella Valenciana ready to finish at home

Pre-cooked ingredients + Rice + Paella pan!

Finally, an authentic Paella Valenciana (chicken and vegetables) “made to order” by an award-winning Spanish Maestro Arrocero in the USA. Traditionally cooked (except the rice) in our kitchen in Miami and shipped directly to your door in a box with the exact amount of rice on the side so you can easily finish it at home in only 18 minutes and surprise everyone!




Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken
Fresh cuts of free range chicken, never given any hormones or antibiotics. We use only selected, fresh, and delicious “real” chicken.

“Bomba” Rice from Valencia
A real Paella Valenciana only uses rice from Valencia. “Bomba” rice absorbs twice the liquid compared to a regular rice, and that is why it captures so successfully the flavors of the rest of the ingredients. This rice gets a nice holding without sticking and it rarely breaks while cooking.

Ripe Tomatoes On-The-Vine
Juicy, bright red tomatoes on the vine, selected at their peak. What is a Spanish sofrito without a flavorful tomato.

Garrofó Beans
Unique big flat lima beans grown in the Valencia region, where it constitutes a fundamental component in the seasoning of rice.

The “red gold” of the paella. A small pinch is a great gift for the paella. It provides with an intense perfume, a very distinctive flavor and of course its particular yellow color.

A Mediterranean herb with a woodsy-citrus-like fragrance that fills your plate with country side aromas and flavors. A must in the traditional making of Paella Valenciana.

Bajoqueta Beans
Flat green bean often called Roma or Italian Beans. It has a fine and delicate texture and the capacity to absorb all the flavors from the rest of the ingredients in the Paella.

Pimentón De La Vera
Smoked Paprika. Obtained from several varieties of red pepper, dried and grinded. It provides a sweet and smoky flavor very unique to paella.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification This gold colored Olive Oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting the juice, without any chemicals. It has no defect and an authentic flavor of fresh olives.



Pour the content of the jar into a paella pan and bring to a boil on medium heat.

Add the rice and spread evenly across the pan.

Leave to simmer for 18 minutes on medium heat until the liquid is absorbed.

Your unique paella is ready!

* Let it stand for 3 minutes before serving.



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